Sunday, May 15, 2011

My New Venture...

So if you've read the all about me you know that I am a SAHM.  This is of course the most challenging job I've ever had! At the same time I do miss working outside of the home.  I miss contributing financially to our family income, but mostly just miss working in general.  At work your mind could always keep going, you had adult conversations, and you seemed to always know whats going on in the world!  Now don't get me wrong I love being home with my kids and sharing every Ga-ga and Goo-goo moment with them!  So I decided to look into things I can do from home that won't interfere with my daily ongoings! 

I started to google ideas that popped into my head.  Free things came first and I linked to a few great blogs that list daily things that you can get for FREE!  Yep I was weary until...all the FREE stuff started piling into my mailbox!  I thought wow that must take alot of work to find all of these deals and keep up with posting!  So for a minute I did thing of starting my own and thought....hmm not sure I can commit to it.  Well through some of these blogs I did get some other ideas!  Surveys....I had done this for a bit in the past and years you can make some money from it, but you have to find the right one for you as there are so many to choose from!  Product Testing....that's it!  I hadn't realized that there were so many companies out there that needed product testers!  What a great thing for me!  I can test the product and voice my opinion!!  It's the challenge that I had been looking for! 

So if you are following me you will join me as I test all sorts of products!!  I will tell you what I get and what I think of them when I try them!  Happy Product Testing!!


At June 17, 2011 at 10:40 PM , Blogger Laura said...

I work, but I also fill out surveys. Of course, there are so many companies out there that just give points, but I have found about 3 or 4 that actually pay cash. Of course, I won't be quitting my day job, but it's something I can do while relaxing on the couch.

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