Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Take a Break from the Aftertaste......

That was the slogan Vocalpoint used for their sampling of the Coffee House Inspirations Breve Creme Coffee Creamer by International Delights.  They sent a package that included a coupon for a Free pint sized creamer as well as several coupons to share with family and friends and they were so cleverly packaged in a toss coffee cup! 

The Breve Creme is made with real milk and cream so you can enjoy that rich, creamy coffeehouse taste at home.  It's just what you need to Bring the Coffeehouse to your House, anytime.  It comes in 3 flavors:  

~ Vanilla Caramel ~ The authentic coffeehouse flavors of smooth Vanilla, Rich Caramel and all natural cream. 

~ Hazelnut ~ A true coffeehouse experience begins when the warm, nutty flavor of Hazelnut meets all natural cream.

~ Dark Chocolate ~ Indulge yourself in the decadent flavors of rich, dark chocolate and all natural cream.

My Review

So I am a coffee lover!!  As a matter of fact when I first started drinking coffee that only way I would have it was with the International Delight Irish Cream Creamer!  Now I go through my phases, sometimes I like my milk and sugar and sometimes I have to have creamer!  So when I saw this I figured it was a no brainer I would love it!  I went and got the Vanilla Caramel and the Hazelnut flavors.  The first one Itried was the Vanilla Caramel.  When I opened it it smelled just like Vanilla Ice Cream!  I thought this has to be good!!  I have to say I wasn't blown away by it like I thought I would be!  It was good but it didn't wow me.  It didn't leave the aftertaste that part was true!  However, I can say that I may not like it in my coffee but feel it is great for cooking with!  I think it would be great for making French Toast or Crepes, anything sweet breakfast wise or desserts!  What actually stuck in my head too was I had recently read a recipe in a Weight Watchers cookbook for a Caramel Flan, that called for coffee creamer and thought this was the perfect one!  So I went searching for ore recipes that include coffee creamers and found Cheesecakes, Coffeecakes and so much more! So I will not say that this was a bust by any means!  To me it has just opened my eyes to a brand new ingredient to start cooking with!!

.....and that's Mommy's Outside Voice~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skin MD Natural

I contacted a PR rep from Skin MD Natural.  She provided me with free samples in exchange for my product review.  I have received no other compensation other than the free samples.

Product Description:

Skin MD Natural is a breakthrough in skin care that works to prevent dry
skin in two ways.

First, it assists the inner layers of skin to absorb moisture. The humectant
(an ingredient that attracts moisture) used in Skin MD Natural is unique to
it and has been laboratory tested to be 6 times more effective than any
other you will find in common skin care products.

Second, a shielding lotion enhances the power of the top layer of the skin
to resist environmental irritants while protecting the inner natural

This can be a big benefit for those who cook, wash dishes and garden because
Skin MD Natural helps skin retain its natural moisture and oils in the face
of all those irritating soaps and chemicals.

Skin MD Natural has made a commitment to natural skin care by formulating
products that contain more than 90% natural ingredients, are hypoallergenic,
free of fragrances, parabens and colorants. All of the ingredients used in
Skin MD Natural are 100% food-grade ingredients that are on the FDA's "most
safe" list.

Skin MD Natural brings you eco friendly skin care products that manufactured
using solar power while also being vegan and cruelty free.

The manufacturer's website has hundreds of
dermatologist and user reviews including many addressing severe dry skin
problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Please feel free to visit the Skin MD Natural Social Media links:

Social media profile links:

My Review: 

I received two types of samples; The Skin MD Natural and the Skin MD Natural with Sunscreen SPF 15.  I don't have any serious skin conditions but over the years I have developed dry hands:(  I guess the years are getting to me!  I remember my friend commenting on my wedding day how smooth my skin was!  It's a comment we still talk about today!  So 7 years and 3 kids later I can't say the same for my hands anymore.......until now!  I began using this lotion and it has brought my hands back to life!  Immediately after the first use I began to see a difference in my skin. 

My face and hands were the places I focuses the lotion on during my testing and both were left feeling   very soft and smooth almost velvety.  There's no fragrance so it's great on the face because you don't have any after application smell annoyance!  I don't know about anyone else but I don't like smelly lotions on my face!  The Sunscreen is an added benefit that I love!  I have used this product on my kids when they go out as well.  I have even had my husband use it for his hands that get rough and dry because he works with his hands all day and is out in the sun and I've seen the difference for him as well.   So the whole family has tested and approved this product!

You don't need to keep re-applying the lotion which I think is great!  Once it's applied I don't feel the need to rush and put more on after washing my hands like other products.  I think the Skin MD Natural with Sunscreen is a perfect base for woman who use foundation because it doesn't have a heavy feel at all.

Feel free to visit for more reviews.

Overall I would definitely recommend Skin MD Natural as a product that I believe in.  If you are looking for great skin care look no further!  I love the product so much I became an affiliate.  Click on my button on the right sidebar and request your own free sample today! 

~ That's Mommy's Outside Voice! ~

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

LAWRY'S Marinades and Seasoned Salts

As an agent for I was selected for the LAWRY'S Campaign!  I received my kit and included in it was: 
  • Full sized 12 oz bottle of LAWRY'S Original Seasoned Salt Marinade with Sweet and Savory Spices
  • Full sized 12 oz bottle of LAWRY'S Balsamic Herb Marinade
  • 4 oz bottle of the Original LAWRY'S Seasoned Salt
  • A LAWRY'S Apron
  • Lots of coupons to share
What's the Bzz?

With a full, flavorful line of perfectly blended marinades and spice blends, LAWRY'S makes grilling less complicated.  Start with the marinades to get the amazing flavor you're going for in a flash.  Each signature marinade provides instant inspiration for meat, poultry, fish or veggies.  Just pour it on and let it marinade for 30 minutes, then grill, bake or broil to perfection.

Balsamic Herb Marinade - Featuring aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and the perfect blend of Italian herbs including basil, rosemary and thyme.

Original Seasoned Salt Marinade with Sweet and Savory Spices - Featuring an expert blend of spices and seasonings derived from LAWRY'S Original Seasoned Salt, this 30-minute marinade gives chicken, beef, pork, or seafood some serious flavor excitement.

A history of flavor - There's a reason why LAWRY'S signature Seasoned Salt has been a family favorite for decades.  The expert blend of salt, herbs and spices is perfect for prime ribs, steak, chicken and casseroles and adds unique flavor to any meal you're inspired to make.  Created in 1938 at the world-famous LAWRY'S The Prime Rib restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA, this spectacular spice blend has been a pantry staple ever since-- make sure you have some on hand!

I have to say I was excited to receive this campaign as I have used several of LAWRY'S marinades in the past!  It so happens that the two that I was sent I hadn't tried yet and I am always willing to try new marinades! 

First up for review:  Balsamic Herb Marinade

I chose to use this marinade with pork chops.  I marinaded them for 30 minutes and then grilled them!  They were very tasty!  The only thing I'd say is that with the pork it may be better to marinate it longer for more intensity.

Quick N' Easy recipe for the LAWRY'S Seasoned Salt......Seasoned Salt Popcorn!

This reminds me of when I was little!  My mom would buy the bag of kernels and we'd pop the popcorn on the stove and when it was done sprinkle some LAWRY'S Seasoned Salt on it and mix it up....sit down and enjoy some yummy popcorn!! 

Stay tuned for some more reviews and recipes........

Friday, June 3, 2011

SheSpeaks: Biolage Kiss Dry Goodbye Salon Program!

As a member of I was selected for the Biolage Kiss Goodbye to Dry program. 

About the Program:

SheSpeaks and Biolage have teamed up on the exciting new Kiss Dry Goodbye Salon Program that will send women to the salon to receive special hair care product and salon service offers. Better yet, they can bring their friends with them and get even bigger discounts on salon services.

Just in time for the summer, participating members will receive complimentary products (valued at over $30) from the Biolage hydrathérapie line that’s been newly reformulated to include aloe vera and passion fruit.

Go to a salon near you to receive your exclusive free products and discounted services:
  • Two complimentary Biolage at-home care products:  hydratherapie Shampoo 16.9 oz and hydatherapie Aqua-Immersion Creme Masque 5.1 oz (first visit only)
  • 25% or more off selected salon services (good for up to 4 visits)
  • 25% discount on any two Biolage products (good for up to 4 visits)
  • A chance to enter our "Best Before & After" photo contest to win one of 5 free 16GB iPads

About the Biolage hydrathérapie line:

Taking inspiration from the Rainforest’s ever-replenishing Moisture Cycle, Biolage new technology hydrathérapie continuously moisturizes hair to help stop the dehydration cycle with the Anti-Dry Care of Aloe + Passion Fruit.

My Review on the services:

I received my invitation including my passport as well as 4 friend passports!  I had my friend sign up so that we could go together and receive the same discount!  The nearest participating salon was Kimera Salon in Jericho, NY , which was perfect because it was a halfway point for my friend and I!  From the very first call to schedule our appointment to walking out the door when we were finished our experience was GREAT!  The manager went over the program on the phone and gave us the pricing for our services including the discounts and we were able to schedule for that same Sat at the time we were looking for.  Upon arriving we were greeted warmly and offered drinks while we were waiting to get set up. The salon was very nice, beautifully decorated, extremely clean and has a very great friendly staff! 

Our Stylist Sara was awesome!  She took us together which made it a real girls day!  We were both getting our hair colored so she took her time with each of us to figure out what we wanted.  She helped us to correctly choose colors that would work not only for our complexions but for upkeep as well....being a stay-at-home-mom that was a plus for me!   Granted for this program you didn't need to make any purchase I choose to make it a make-over day!  The whole time she was working on our hair she interacted with us which made you feel like you weren't just a client.  When she was finished blowing out my hair I absolutely LOVED it!  The color was great and the blow out was just right!  Everyone in the salon complimented me on how it looked including the owners!  I was pretty much blushing when they were all done!

All in all my friend and I had a really great experience with the program and would definitely be going back for the remainder of our visits available on the passport!  I can say I'd probably become a long term customer as well!  It was a pleasure!  I even entered the Biolage "Best Before and After Photo Contest"!  Just click to view!  If I win my Stylist Sara and I will both receive a 16GBiPad sponsored by SheSpeaks!


My Review of the Biolage hydratherapie Shampoo and Aqua-Immersion Creme Masque:

I have only used the shampoo a few times so far and the masque once (recommended only once or twice a week), but I must say I have seen some improvement on my hair.  My hair lately has been very dry and dull prior to my salon visit.  When I would wash my hair I would end up with handfuls of hair that came out.  I noticed that on the first wash with the shampoo very little came out!  The shampoo smells REALLY GOOD!!  I have always loved the way Biolage products smell!  You get a really great lather and with not alot of shampoo, a little actually goes a long way!  The masque when you apply it actually feels like a creme!  It's a nice thick texture and you can feel that it sticks to your hair.  Both rinse out with ease and the smells lasts long too. 

I will come back to review further after a few more uses:)


OK it's official!  After several uses now I can say how much I LOVE it!  MY hair has changed so much since I began using this shampoo!  My curls last longer and my hair has more life to it!  I find that my day after look still looks great and I don't need to reapply tons of styling products!  My hair thanks this shampoo!!